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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the band play requests?

Absolutely, but do we need to know about them in advance. In particular, at wedding receptions we’re happy to play your choices as the first dance, the father/bride dance and the mother/groom dance. Special requests require extra preparation and rehearsal time. If you expect more than two special requests, it should be specified in the contract. Requests from your guests will only be played if we know the music and deem the choice appropriate for your event.

Can the band provide appropriate music during dinner?

Absolutely! The Soul Machine band can play legitimate jazz and vocal standard music. Just tell us what you need, and we’ll take care of it. (We do recommend telling us what you need before the contract is done.)

What musical styles does the band play?

We specialize in both classic Motown and Soul, and Jazz/Swing music. The band can play most any style, and is happy to take requests in other genres.  Rock and pop? No problem. Country? No problem. Show tunes?  Happy to oblige!  Do keep in mind that we need to know requests in advance, and if more than a handful of requests will be needed, it should be noted in the contract.

Does the band have both male and female vocals?

Yes!  Our standard lineup includes two female vocalists and one male lead vocalist, plus at least two more band members singing backup.

What is the instrumentation of the band?

The standard lineup for Soul Machine is keyboards, guitar, bass, drums, trumpet, saxophone, plus two female singers.  Male lead vocals are handled by bandleader / keyboard player John Groves.

Can the band work as a smaller group?

Yes!  If you are trying to control the budget, get in touch with us to see if we can arrange a smaller group that will meet your needs.

What if I just need a jazz combo?

We’re happy to oblige – from trio to sextet, with or without vocals.  Just get in touch and we’ll work to meet your needs.

What about sound and lighting equipment?

The Soul Machine band normally provides professional sound and lighting equipment as a part of the service, and is self-contained in this regard.  If you are using the services of a lighting contractor, they should know about the band and may be able to increase the visual impact of the band.

Can the band keep the volume low?

Absolutely! We just need to know what you want. If you (the venue or guests) need the band to perform quietly, we’re happy to oblige. Let us know in advance if it’s a concern, and tell our sound technician if it comes up during the event – his instructions are to keep you happy!

Is the band equipped to play thumping dance music in a large room? (aka, can the band play loud?)

Absolutely. With a state of the art sound system and subwoofers, we can give you the dance club feel if that’s what you want.  If this is important to you, be sure to let us know at contract time so that we can be sure to bring the right equipment for your venue.

What types of events does the band play?

Although we specialize in wedding receptions and corporate events (such as receptions and holiday parties), we’re flexible. If your event could benefit from a professional dance (and listening) band, we’re there for you.

How long can/does the band play?

A “standard” performance is three hours of music in a four-hour period, usually as either four 45-minute sets or three one hour sets. We’re happy to work with your schedule. Extra charges may apply if the schedule exceeds this guideline.  The full repertoire of the band is quite a bit more than three hours of music, so longer events can be accommodated (this should be addressed in the contract if needed).